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Zoom Meetings: The Ultimate Video Conferencing Solution



Zoom Meetings is a leading video conferencing platform known for its top-notch performance and a plethora of features. It gained immense popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, transitioning from a tech industry tool to a household name.


Ease of Use

Zoom is user-friendly, with both participants and hosts finding it straightforward to navigate. Whether joining a meeting or setting one up, the process is intuitive and hassle-free.



Zoom boasts a wide range of features including 24/7 phone support, audio recordings, background blurring, calendar integration, and more. It also offers unique functionalities like breakout rooms, virtual backgrounds, touch up appearance, and a collaborative whiteboard. Security features like end-to-end encryption and waiting rooms ensure user safety.



Zoom offers a generous free plan with a 40-minute limit on group calls. Paid plans start at $14.99 per month, with various tiers catering to different needs, from professional to enterprise levels. Each tier offers additional features and benefits.


Customer Support

Zoom has a commendable track record for prompt support resolution. Depending on the plan, users can access support through online forms, live text-chat, or toll-free numbers in multiple countries.



The platform saw a meteoric rise in its user base during the pandemic. It’s not just a video conferencing app anymore; it’s a verb. People don’t just video call; they “Zoom.”



  • Generous free account
  • Competitive pricing for paid plans
  • Stellar performance and stability
  • Comprehensive features for both hosts and participants
  • Prompt customer support



  • No toll-free dial-in numbers for the US or the UK
  • Previous concerns regarding privacy and security
  • Inability to add a description or meeting agenda directly from the app


Overall Rating

4.5/5 – Zoom Meetings stands out for its exceptional performance, extensive features, and competitive pricing. While it has faced some challenges, especially concerning security, the company has been proactive in addressing them.


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