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Zaggle: The Ultimate Expense Management Solution


Zaggle is a comprehensive Expense Management and Employee Benefits Software designed to help businesses efficiently track their expenses, manage compliance, and uncover opportunities to save money.

Ease of Use:

Users have found Zaggle to be user-friendly with a smooth interface, especially with its mobile application. The platform’s UI is intuitive, making it easy for users to navigate and manage their expenses.


Zaggle offers a range of features including real-time transaction updates, a VISA-powered multi-wallet system, and compatibility with various third-party applications like Swiggy, Ubereats, and Zomato. It also provides a unique tax-saving feature, allowing users to benefit from tax deductions.


Zaggle offers competitive rates in the expense management space.

Customer Support:

While the platform offers a range of features, some users have mentioned that customer support can be slow to respond. However, once connected, they provide the necessary assistance.


Zaggle is gaining popularity among businesses, especially those looking to streamline their expense management processes and benefit from tax savings.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Real-time transaction updates.
  • Wide range of partner integrations.
  • Effective tax-saving features.


  • Customer support can sometimes be slow.
  • Presence of advertisements in the mobile application.
  • Occasional delays in app loading times.

In Practice:

Zaggle is a valuable tool for businesses, especially for those with employees frequently incurring expenses. It not only simplifies the expense management process but also offers tax-saving benefits. Whether it’s for ordering food or managing day-to-day business expenses, Zaggle Save makes the process seamless.

Overall Rating:

4.3/5 – Zaggle is a robust expense management tool that offers a blend of user-friendliness, comprehensive features, and tax-saving benefits.

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