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WOW24-7: The Ultimate Support Outsourcing Solution


WOW24-7 is a comprehensive customer and tech support outsourcing platform that offers services in over 10 languages. Catering primarily to Europe & USA based businesses in sectors like Retail, SaaS, IoT, and Travel, they’ve been a trusted partner for over 100 clients across 20+ countries.


Ease of Use

The platform is optimized for quick responses and offers a seamless experience for businesses looking to outsource their support. With two models of cooperation – shared and dedicated teams, businesses can choose the model that best fits their needs.



  • WOW24-7 offers a range of services including Level 1 and 2 support in multiple languages, customer service, technical support, inbound sales calls, admin tasks, and virtual assistance. They also provide fast & flexible onboarding, team training, quality assurance, monthly reporting, and business process improvement recommendations.



The platform promises up to 60% budget savings for its clients, making it a cost-effective solution.


Customer Support

With a 96%+ CSAT and zero security breaches, WOW24-7 prides itself on its exceptional customer service. They also offer flexibility in their contracts, allowing businesses to cancel anytime with short notice.



WOW24-7 is a highly popular and trusted solution in the support outsourcing industry.



  • Multilingual support in 10+ languages.
  • Expertise in diverse industries.
  • Compliance with major data security standards like GDPR, ISO27001, ISO9001.
  • Two flexible models of cooperation.
  • Comprehensive solutions including team training and quality assurance.



  • Some users mentioned initial back-and-forth in setting expectations and occasional confusion with invoices.


Overall Rating

4.8/5 – An exceptional support outsourcing platform that offers a comprehensive range of services, ensuring businesses can provide top-notch support to their customers.


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