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Worldwide Brands: A Comprehensive Review



Worldwide Brands is a premium wholesale directory designed for sellers seeking genuine suppliers. Established at the dawn of the new millennium, it aims to connect sellers with a vast array of suppliers, ensuring quality and authenticity.


Ease of Use

The platform offers a user-friendly interface where sellers can easily search for suppliers based on brand names, product types, or even local options. With a straightforward search mechanism, even newcomers can navigate the directory with ease.



  • Comprehensive Directory: A vast list of genuine suppliers, constantly updated.
  • Supplier Certification: Suppliers undergo a rigorous application process and, if approved, are awarded a Worldwide Brands certification seal.
  • Detailed Supplier Profiles: Each supplier’s profile provides essential details, including company name, contact information, and business terms.
  • Market Research Options: While limited, Worldwide Brands does offer some market research tools to help sellers identify trending products.



Worldwide Brands offers a lifetime membership for $299. Occasionally, they provide a discount, reducing the lifetime membership fee to $199. However, considering the extensive directory and the assurance of genuine suppliers, many might find the price justifiable.


Customer Support

The platform boasts of a responsive customer support system. Reviews on Trustpilot frequently highlight their timely and professional customer service. Sellers can easily reach out for assistance or queries, ensuring a smooth experience.



While Worldwide Brands has been a known name in the wholesale directory space, recent reviews are sparse. Most feedback dates back to 2016 or earlier, suggesting that its popularity might have waned over the years.



  • Extensive directory of genuine suppliers.
  • User-friendly interface suitable for both beginners and experienced sellers.
  • Responsive and helpful customer support.
  • Lifetime membership option, ensuring long-term access.



  • High membership fee compared to other directories.
  • Some users find the supplier prices to be non-competitive.
  • The database has been described by some users as outdated or inaccurate.
  • Limited market research tools compared to competitors.


Overall Rating

3.5/5 – Worldwide Brands offers a comprehensive directory and ensures the authenticity of its suppliers. However, its high membership fee and limited additional features might deter some potential users, especially when there are cheaper alternatives available.


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