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VSDC Video Editor Pro: A Powerhouse on a Budget



VSDC Video Editor Pro is an affordable video editing software that offers a range of advanced features, making it a competitive choice for both enthusiasts and professionals.


Ease of Use

While VSDC boasts a plethora of features, its nonstandard workflow can make the learning curve steep. The interface, though improved, can be cluttered and might require some time for users to get accustomed to.



VSDC comes packed with powerful capabilities including 360 VR, 4K editing, chroma key, color wheel, PiP, motion tracking, text animation, and AI art filters. It also supports multicam editing, motion tracking, HSL color editing, and more.



VSDC offers a free version and a Pro edition priced at $19.99. The Pro edition provides additional support for various media types, advanced settings, hardware acceleration, and more. This price point is significantly lower than most enthusiast video editing software which typically hovers around $100.


Customer Support

The software offers web help pages similar to Adobe Premiere Elements. However, a complete offline user guide is only available with a paid account.



VSDC has seen improvements in its recent updates and has garnered attention for its low price point. However, due to its challenging interface, it might not be the first choice for everyday video editing for some users.



  • Affordable pricing
  • Powerful features like 360 VR, 4K, and AI art filters
  • Motion tracking and text animation capabilities



  • Interface can lack polish
  • Nonstandard layout can hinder ease of use
  • Some functions are hidden in submenus
  • No full-screen video preview
  • Stability issues, as it crashed during testing


Overall Rating

3.5/5 – VSDC Video Editor Pro offers a wide range of advanced features at an affordable price. However, its nonstandard interface and workflow might pose challenges for some users.

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