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VideoAsk: The Ultimate Interactive Video Platform for Businesses



VideoAsk by Typeform is a dynamic online platform that has revolutionized the way businesses collect customer data. As traditional data collection methods like surveys become obsolete, interactive video platforms like VideoAsk are taking center stage, offering a more engaging and effective means of understanding the target audience.


Ease of Use

Getting started with VideoAsk is straightforward. After a simple sign-up process, users are greeted with an intuitive tutorial that guides them on recording and sharing videos. The platform’s design ensures that communication is not only faster but also clearer, making it an ideal replacement for text messages.



  • 360-degree feedback for comprehensive reviews.
  • Activity tracking to monitor and prioritize tasks.
  • Automated appointment scheduling with integrations like Calendly.
  • CRM capabilities for enhanced customer relationship management.
  • Content creation tools with customization options.
  • In-depth data analysis tools.
  • Video-based surveys and feedback collection.
  • Net Promoter Score File for gauging customer satisfaction.
  • Lead qualification templates.
  • Real-time notifications for instant updates.



VideoAsk offers a range of pricing plans to cater to various business needs:

  • Start Plan: A free version with core features, 20 minutes of video/audio processing monthly, and up to three steps per VideoAsk.
  • Grow Plan: Priced at $30/month (billed annually), it includes 100 minutes of video/audio processing, unlimited steps, and team collaboration features.
  • Brand Plan: At $50/month (billed annually), this plan offers 200 minutes of video/audio processing and advanced features like domain white labeling.
  • Enterprise Plan: Customized for large businesses with specific requirements.


Customer Support

They offer robust support to their users.



Given its innovative approach to data collection and the mention of big brands like Fiverr and Jobandtalent using it, VideoAsk is undoubtedly gaining significant traction in the market.



  • Enhanced engagement with potential leads.
  • Seamless integration with tools like WordPress.
  • Brand customization options.
  • No steep learning curve, making it user-friendly.



  • Can be overwhelming for beginners.
  • The starting price might be steep for some, though a free trial is available.
  • Incomplete responses can clutter the database.
  • A few scattered negative reviews, which is typical for most platforms.


Overall Rating

4.8/5 – VideoAsk by Typeform is a game-changer in the realm of interactive video platforms, offering businesses a unique way to connect and understand their audience.


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Eager to redefine your data collection strategy? Dive into the world of interactive videos with VideoAsk. [Discover VideoAsk Now!]

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