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Unlock Your Productivity with RescueTime



RescueTime is a unique digital tool designed to monitor and analyze how individuals spend their time on computers and mobile devices. It provides insightful data on user habits, helping them understand and optimize their productivity.


Ease of Use

The software operates mostly in the background, requiring minimal user intervention. It’s designed to be unobtrusive, automatically tracking app and website usage without the need for manual timers. However, navigating through the various reports and customization options might require a bit of trial and error.



  • Automatic Time Tracking: Monitors the time spent on various apps, websites, and files without manual input.
  • Detailed Reports: Offers a range of visualizations like pie charts, bar graphs, and line-item lists to understand time distribution.
  • Productivity Pulse Score: Provides a daily productivity percentage, helping users compare their efficiency from one day to another.
  • FocusTime Distraction Blocker: A feature that prevents users from accessing distracting websites for a set period.
  • Offline Time Categorization: Allows users to categorize offline activities, ensuring comprehensive time tracking.



RescueTime offers a free Lite version and a Premium version priced at $9 per month or $78 per year. There’s also a team plan starting at $6 per person per month. The Premium version offers additional features like alerts, offline time customization, and unlimited data history.


Customer Support

Self-service options for account deletion and the detailed privacy policy suggest a user-centric approach.


Having been one of the favorite productivity apps for years and being an Editors’ Choice winner indicates its widespread acceptance and popularity.



  • Operates seamlessly in the background.
  • Comprehensive-time tracking in apps and on websites.
  • Provides excellent reports with customization options.



  • The mobile app requires improvement and has some tracking limitations.
  • Some features, like generating specific graphs, can be a bit tricky to navigate.
  • Privacy concerns might arise due to the extensive tracking, though the company has clear policies in place.


Overall Rating

5/5 – RescueTime stands out as an exceptional tool for those keen on enhancing their productivity. Its comprehensive tracking combined with insightful reports makes it a must-have for anyone looking to optimize their time.


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