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 Tomedes Translation Company: Your Go-To Solution for Expert Translation Services



Tomedes Translation Company is a globally recognized language service provider, offering tailored translation solutions in over 120+ languages. They cater to a wide range of businesses, from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies.


Ease of Use

The platform is user-friendly, making it easy for clients to request translations, communicate with experts, and receive their translated content seamlessly.


    Tomedes boasts a vast range of services, including website, software, and app translations. They also specialize in specific areas like immigration, legal, and financial translations. Their platform also showcases demos of their various tools, such as the Tomedes Quote and Tomedes summarization tool.



    They offer competitive rates for their top-notch services.

    Customer Support

    Tomedes is committed to exceptional customer experience. They have a global customer support team that operates 24/7, ensuring clients receive assistance whenever needed.


    The company has received numerous accolades, including being ranked as one of the top 100 companies in Israel



    • Wide range of languages and services offered.
    • Recognized and awarded by industry leaders.
    • 1-year guarantee on all projects.
    • 24/7 global customer support.



    • Some users mentioned minor issues with connection times on Zoom, but this seems to be a minor inconvenience.


    Overall Rating

    4.8/5. Tomedes Translation Company stands out for its commitment to quality, vast range of services, and exceptional customer support.

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