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Toggl Track: The Time-Tracking Maestro for Freelancers



Toggl Track, previously known as Toggl, stands out as a premier time-tracking application tailored for freelancers and micro-businesses. With its intuitive design, it offers a seamless experience for users to monitor their work hours efficiently.

Ease of Use

Toggl Track is user-friendly and straightforward. Its design ensures that even first-time users can navigate and utilize its features with ease. The multiple platforms it supports, from desktop to mobile, further enhance its accessibility.



  • Time-Tracking Precision: Toggl Track is primarily a timer, recording time to the exact second. Users can classify their time under various projects, tasks, and clients.
  • Diverse Apps: It boasts desktop apps, mobile apps, browser extensions, and a web app, catering to a user’s preference.
  • Advanced Classification: Users can create teams, workspaces, tags, projects, and clients, ensuring organized time tracking.
  • Integration Capabilities: Toggl Track supports integration with numerous productivity apps, making it versatile for various business needs.



Toggl Track offers four service tiers:

  • Free Tier: Suitable for solo workers or small groups, it provides essential time-tracking features.
  • Starter: Priced at $10 per person monthly or $108 annually, it includes advanced features like calendar integration and billable rates.
  • Premium: At $20 per person monthly or $216 annually, it offers comprehensive features like time audits and project dashboards.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing with added benefits like priority support and training.


Customer Support

Toggl Track’s extensive features and integrations suggest a robust support system for users.


Given its distinction as an Editors’ Choice for time-tracking services, especially for freelancers, Toggl Track holds a significant place in the market.



  • Generous free service tier.
  • Speedy and adaptable.
  • Extensive list of supported integrations.



  • Lacks invoicing, scheduling, and other non-time-tracking features.
  • The paid tiers might seem pricey for the features offered.


Overall Rating

4/5 – Toggl Track excels in its primary function of time tracking. Its generous free tier makes it a top choice for freelancers. However, the absence of certain features in its paid plans might make users consider other options.

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