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TinyLetter: The Personal Newsletter Platform for Everyone



TinyLetter is a user-friendly platform designed for individuals wishing to send personal newsletters. It offers a simplified experience for sharing news updates, stories, and more with subscribers.


Ease of Use

With its intuitive interface, users can swiftly create newsletters and share them across various social media platforms, making it accessible even for those new to newsletter creation.


    • Quick newsletter creation and distribution.
    • Shareable URLs for easy promotion on social networks like Twitter and Facebook.
    • Limited formatting and design features, focusing on simplicity.



    TinyLetter is completely free for independent writers.

    Customer Support

    TinyLetter offers reliable support to its users including help articles and email.


    The platform boasts a significant user base with over 100,000 users and a combined readership exceeding 9 million subscribers.



    • Free to use.
    • Simple and straightforward, ideal for personal newsletters.
    • Allows sharing on various social media platforms for increased visibility.



    • Limited to 5,000 subscribers.
    • Offers limited formatting and design features compared to other platforms.


    Overall Rating

    4.2/5 – TinyLetter stands out as a go-to platform for those looking to send personal newsletters without the complexities of advanced formatting and design. Its simplicity and free pricing make it a top choice for independent writers.

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