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Timely: Revolutionizing Time Management with Memory Tracking



Timely, a time-tracking software, offers businesses an innovative approach to monitor their time, projects, and teams. With its unique Memory Tracker, it stands out in the market, ensuring users never miss out on logging their work hours.


Ease of Use

While Timely offers a range of features, its user interface is simple and intuitive. However, the mobile app might pose some challenges due to its limited features and occasional inaccuracies.



  • Memory Tracker: Allows users to revisit their past activities and log them, ensuring no work hour goes untracked.
  • Automatic Time Tracking: Logs all digital activities, from website visits to video conferences.
  • Project Management: Provides real-time data on project activities, aiding in budgeting and deadline estimations.
  • Scheduling and Planning: Enables flexible planning of teams, projects, and budgets, allowing managers to optimize team performance.



Timely offers multiple plans:

  • Starter: Priced at US$9/user/month, it includes basic features like automatic time tracking and reporting.
  • Premium: Costs $16/user/month, offering live project dashboards and data syncing.
  • Unlimited: At $22/user/month, it provides comprehensive features, including employee activity tracking.
  • Unlimited +: A customizable plan tailored to larger organizations.


Customer Support

The feedback shows that Timely offers responsive customer service, addressing user queries and concerns promptly.



Given its unique features and the CEO’s interest in researching competitors, it’s evident that Timely holds a significant place in the time-tracking software market.



  • Innovative Memory feature.
  • Efficient and detailed reporting.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Comprehensive timeline view.
  • Prompt customer service.




  • Absence of a free version.
  • Mobile app needs enhancement.
  • AI accuracy is sometimes questionable.
  • Doesn’t track phone calls.
  • Lacks invoicing capabilities.


Overall Rating

4/5 – Timely offers a fresh perspective on time tracking with its Memory feature, making it a valuable tool for businesses. However, improvements in its mobile app and AI accuracy could elevate its standing further.


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