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StoryPrompt: Elevate Your Brand with Creative Video Testimonials



StoryPrompt stands out as a cutting-edge digital marketing tool, specializing in video testimonial solutions. Its unique approach involves sending “prompts” or thought-provoking questions to users, encouraging them to craft imaginative stories, titles, and video descriptions.


Ease of Use

The platform offers a seamless experience for users. Businesses simply send a StoryPrompt link to their clients or customers, who can then effortlessly create a testimonial video without the need for any additional apps or installations.



  • Weekly dispatch of unlimited “prompts” to users.
  • Unlimited video responses, workspaces, and stories with the Storyteller subscription.
  • Custom branding options for videos.
  • Embeddable video testimonials for easy sharing.
  • Comprehensive video insights.
  • Provision for up to 5 staff members.



StoryPrompt provides a tiered pricing structure. The “Brand Builder” plan is priced at $39 per month, while the more advanced “Storyteller” plan comes at $139 per month. For those looking to test the waters, there’s a free version available, though it brands videos with a StoryPrompt watermark.


Customer Support

They offer robust support to their users.



Given its innovative approach to video testimonials, StoryPrompt is likely gaining traction among businesses looking for a fresh take on brand promotion.



  • No app installations required for users.
  • Generous offerings even in the free version, including automatic video editing.
  • Intuitive interface and user-friendly tools.



  • Limited to 5 staff seats without an option to purchase additional ones.


Overall Rating

4.7/5 – StoryPrompt revolutionizes the way businesses approach video testimonials, making it a valuable tool for enhancing brand image and engagement.


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