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Squarespace Review: Leading Website Builder



Squarespace, launched in 2003, is renowned for its high-quality, aesthetically pleasing templates that cater to a variety of users from small business owners to bloggers and artists. The platform focuses on providing robust e-commerce capabilities, a large selection of premium templates, and a strong emphasis on aesthetics and design.


Ease of Use

While Squarespace is lauded for its sleek templates and features, its editing interface leaves room for improvement. The drag-and-drop live editing can be a little difficult for beginners to get the hang of, and there is no autosave function, which can be inconvenient.



Squarespace offers a plethora of features that suit a variety of needs. Its website templates are flexible and visually stunning, with customization options that are easy to navigate. Other features include a mobile-responsive design, robust e-commerce capabilities, built-in SEO tools, customizable blog settings, and the Site Styles feature, which lets users implement style changes across their entire site.



While Squarespace’s pricing plans are somewhat more expensive than its competitors, the additional cost is reflected in the platform’s premium features and design options. Prices start from $16 per month with a range of plans to cater to different needs, from personal use to large e-commerce operations. All plans include a free custom domain name for the first year, unlimited bandwidth, and storage, as well as customer support.


Customer Support

Squarespace offers customer support via live chat, email, Twitter, and an extensive FAQ section. Although it doesn’t offer phone support, this isn’t typically an issue as web design is a visual process that often requires the exchange of screenshots or videos to resolve problems.



Since its inception, Squarespace has been the platform of choice for millions of websites globally. Its user base includes small business owners, photographers, bloggers, artists, musicians, and more, primarily due to its stunning design templates and excellent blogging capabilities.



Squarespace stands out for its large collection of sleek and modern website templates and impressive blogging features. It offers outstanding customer support and a handy mobile app for on-the-go editing. The platform also includes a free custom domain name for the first year, free SSL security for all plans, and comprehensive built-in SEO features.



The primary downside to Squarespace is its complicated editing interface, which may not be easy for beginners to navigate. Additionally, it lacks a revision history feature, which can be inconvenient if changes need to be undone. The platform also doesn’t support a deep website hierarchy, making it unsuitable for large websites that require a complex menu structure.


Overall Rating

On a scale of 1 to 5, Squarespace receives a 4.5 rating. Despite some room for improvement, it remains a robust website-building platform suitable for anyone wanting to create a stylish and professional website. Its strengths in design, customer support, and feature-packed plans outweigh its shortcomings, making it a strong contender in the website builder market.  Visit Sqaurespace here.

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