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SoloLearn: A Dive into the Learning App



SoloLearn is a free-to-learn platform that has garnered significant attention with its high ratings on both Google Play and the iOS App Store. With a focus on various programming languages, it offers a blend of courses, quizzes, and challenges to its users.


Ease of Use

The platform is user-friendly, especially for beginners. While its design might require a slight adjustment period, the interface is straightforward, ensuring a smooth learning experience.


    • Wide range of courses on popular programming languages.
    • Interactive quizzes and challenges to test knowledge.
    • Community discussions and leaderboards.
    • Code playground for hands-on practice.
    • Bookmark feature to save important explanations.



    While SoloLearn offers a majority of its content for free, it also has a Pro version priced at around $5 USD/month (or $4/month for the annual plan). The Pro version provides additional features and access to more challenges.

    Customer Support

    The platform does have community discussions where users can assist each other, showing a supportive user base.


    With over 454,000 reviews on the Google Play store and 42,000+ on the iOS App Store, both with a rating of 4.8/5 stars, SoloLearn’s popularity is undeniable.



    • Intuitive interface with no significant glitches.
    • Absence of restrictive paywalls.
    • Comprehensive and clear explanations.
    • Extensive course variety covering the most popular programming languages.



    • Absence of a consolidated “textbook” for reference.
    • The design might not appeal to everyone initially.
    • The leaderboard system could be more inclusive for new learners.


    Overall Rating

    4.5/5 – SoloLearn offers a rich learning experience with its vast content and interactive features. While it has room for improvement in design and leaderboard inclusivity, its strengths make it a top recommendation for budding coders.

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