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SnapLogic: Your Gateway to Seamless Data Integration



SnapLogic is a leading platform in self-service integration, designed to connect applications, data, APIs, and more. It’s a go-to for many big-name companies looking to streamline business processes and accelerate digital transformation.

Ease of Use:

The platform is user-friendly and intuitive, offering a drag-and-drop interface. However, some users have noted that it can get complex when dealing with different types of data and pipeline architecture.


SnapLogic stands out for its versatility. It can handle both structured and unstructured data, offers real-time and batch integration, and supports both cloud and on-premises setups. It’s more than just a point-to-point integration tool; it’s built for hybrid use cases and scales out elastically.


The pricing details are not publicly available, but given its wide range of features, it’s likely geared towards businesses with a reasonable budget for integration tools.

Customer Support:

While the platform offers prompt customer support, some users feel that the time taken to resolve issues could be improved.


With hundreds of Global 2000 customers, SnapLogic is a popular choice for businesses looking for a robust integration platform.


  • Versatile and can handle various types of data
  • User-friendly with drag-and-drop features
  • Built for hybrid integration, scaling out as needed


  • Can get complex when dealing with different types of data
  • Customer support could be quicker in resolving issues

Overall Rating:

4 out of 5. SnapLogic is a robust and versatile integration platform but could improve in customer support and handling complex data scenarios.

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