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Shopify Collabs: The Ultimate Bridge Between Brands and Influencers



Shopify Collabs is a dynamic app introduced by Shopify, designed to streamline the collaboration between merchants and influencers. It not only aids brands in discovering and managing influencers but also empowers influencers to find suitable brands for collaboration.


Ease of Use

With an intuitive interface and a step-by-step guide, Shopify Collabs ensures a seamless experience for both brands and influencers. From setting up an application page to navigating through the dashboard, the platform is user-friendly and straightforward.



  • Influencer Database: A comprehensive database allowing brands to filter and find influencers based on various criteria.
  • Branded Application Page: Brands can create a dedicated page for influencers to apply for collaborations.
  • Affiliate Tools: Unique commission & discount links for influencers to promote products.
  • Commission Tracking: Efficient tracking with easy payouts through PayPal.
  • Analytics: In-depth insights to gauge the effectiveness of influencer partnerships.
  • Gift Management: Simplified process to send gifts to influencers with customization options.



The app is free to install.

Customer Support

Shopify Collabs offers a dedicated support section, ensuring that users can easily reach out for any assistance or queries related to the platform.



Given its association with Shopify and the buzz created during Shopify’s Winter ‘23 Edition, Shopify Collabs is poised to be a sought-after tool in the influencer collaboration space.



  • Comprehensive influencer database for precise selection.
  • Efficient affiliate tools and commission tracking.
  • User-friendly interface with guided steps.
  • Versatile features catering to both brands and influencers.



  • The requirement of an Instagram account for brand setup might be limiting for some.
  • While the platform offers extensive features, there might be a learning curve for absolute beginners.


Overall Rating

4.7 out of 5 stars. Shopify Collabs stands out as a holistic solution for influencer marketing, bridging the gap between brands and content creators. Its minor limitations are overshadowed by its robust features and user-centric design.


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Ready to revolutionize your influencer marketing strategy? Dive into Shopify Collabs and unlock a world of authentic collaborations tailored for your brand’s success!

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