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Scrimba: The Ultimate Web Development Learning Hub



Scrimba is a renowned online platform dedicated to web development education. It provides both free and premium courses, covering foundational to advanced coding concepts. With a focus on front-end development, Scrimba offers a comprehensive career path, making it a go-to for aspiring developers.


Ease of Use

The platform is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Interactive screencasts allow learners to edit code in real-time, simulating a pair-programming experience with the instructor. This hands-on approach ensures a seamless learning curve for users of all levels.


    • Over 40 free courses on various web development topics.
    • Comprehensive Frontend Developer Career Path.
    • Bootcamp programs with live sessions and teacher-assistant support.
    • Interactive screencasts for an immersive learning experience.
    • Community chat with over 1000 students for peer support.



    Scrimba offers a tiered pricing model. The free plan includes 22 basic courses. The Pro plan, priced at $18/month, grants access to over 60 courses, community features, and course certificates. The Frontend Bootcamp, a more intensive program, is priced at $750 for three months (with occasional discounts).

    Customer Support

    Scrimba boasts a vibrant community where learners can seek help, share code, and discuss topics. Additionally, the platform offers weekly live events, including expert interviews and live coding sessions, enhancing the support system.


    With a monthly traffic of 1.5 million visitors, Scrimba has established itself as a leading platform in the web development education sector. Its roots in Oslo, Norway, and its global reach make it a preferred choice for many.



    • A vast array of courses catering to different web development needs.
    • Affordable pricing with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
    • Interactive learning through screencasts.
    • Strong community support and regular live events.



    • No job placement guarantee post-completion.
    • Course content might not cover all tech topics comprehensively.


    Overall Rating

    4.5/5 – Scrimba stands out for its interactive learning approach, extensive course content, and strong community support. While it has room for improvement in terms of topic coverage, its strengths make it a top choice for web development enthusiasts.

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