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SAS Visual Analytics: Your Gateway to Intelligent Business Insights



SAS Visual Analytics is a comprehensive tool designed for self-service data preparation, visual discovery, and interactive reporting. It’s aimed at helping non-technical users to easily create and share business intelligence reports and analytics.

Ease of Use:

This tool is fairly easy to use, especially for those who have some basic SQL knowledge. Its user-friendly interface allows for quick data visualization and exploration without requiring extensive technical skills.


SAS Visual Analytics offers a wide range of features including self-service data preparation, data exploration, interactive reporting, and location analytics. It also incorporates advanced options like conversational AI, automated explanations in natural language, and outlier detection.


While the tool is robust and feature-rich, it comes at a premium price, making it more suitable for larger organizations. The exact cost can vary depending on the package you choose.

Customer Support:

Customer support is highly rated, offering multiple channels for assistance including email and phone support. They also have a responsive team that addresses issues promptly.


SAS Visual Analytics enjoys a good level of popularity. It is particularly favored for its robust features and reliable customer support.


  • Strong data visualization capabilities
  • Excellent customer support
  • Allows integration with some open-source platforms
  • Good for data privacy concerns


  • High cost, making it less accessible for small and medium-sized businesses
  • The user community not as active as some other platforms
  • Some users find the tool to be complex and inconsistent in certain areas

Overall Rating:

4/5 – SAS Visual Analytics is a powerful tool for business intelligence, but its high cost may be a barrier for smaller organizations.

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