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Ryver: Messaging Meets Task Management



Ryver is a business messaging application that integrates team communication with lightweight task management. Initially introduced as a free alternative in the team messaging space, it has evolved to offer paid plans while removing its free tier.


Ease of Use

While Ryver provides the basic functionalities expected from a team messaging app, its user interface is in dire need of an overhaul. Important features and settings are not intuitively placed, making navigation a challenge for new users.



Ryver offers:

  • Distinct areas for conversations: Forums (public channels), Teams (private channels), and People (direct messages).
  • Integration of chat with Topics and Tasks within each Forum and Team.
  • A bot named Eddy Bot for assistance, though its helpfulness is questionable.
  • Native integration called Watches alerts users when specific keywords appear in selected online publications or custom RSS feeds.



Ryver has transitioned from its initial free offering to a paid model. For teams of up to 12, it costs $49 per month, and for larger teams of 13 or more, the price is $99 per month. An Enterprise plan with additional features is available, with custom pricing upon request. Notably, all plans only support audio or video calls for up to five participants.


Customer Support

You can also email your questions to them at support@ryver.com. They answer all emails within one business day. 


Ryver was initially recognized for its free offering in the team messaging domain. However, with changes in its pricing and features, it seems to lag behind more established players like Slack.



  • Combines team messaging with task management.
  • Native integration for keyword alerts from online publications.



  • No free plan is available.
  • The user interface is not intuitive and lacks ease of navigation.
  • Limited to five participants for calls and screen sharing.
  • Absence of keyword notifications.
  • Minimal customization options.


Overall Rating

2.5/5 – Ryver offers a unique blend of messaging and task management but falls short in user experience and feature depth compared to market leaders.

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