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Reddit: The Front Page of the Internet



Reddit is a unique blend of social media, news aggregation, and community discussion platforms. It allows users to post content, engage in discussions, and delve into a myriad of topics through its diverse “subreddits.”


Ease of Use

For seasoned users, Reddit offers a treasure trove of information and community engagement. However, newcomers might find the platform a bit overwhelming initially due to its vastness and unique layout.



    • Subreddits: Communities dedicated to specific topics or interests.
    • Karma System: A point-based system that reflects a user’s contributions and engagement.
    • Discussion Threads: Users can post content and engage in threaded discussions.
    • Upvote/Downvote: Allows users to rate content based on its relevance and quality.



    Starting at just $13, users can access the platform’s features. While JPEGs are available for free, PSDs with enhanced features come at a monthly cost of $20. A free version and trial are also available for those looking to explore the tool before committing.


      Customer Support

      The company, Icons8, is based in the United Kingdom and has been operational since 2001. Offers Standard Customer Support.



      The fact that Icons8’s icons are used by thousands of websites and applications shows a significant presence in the digital landscape.



      • Extensive customization options.
      • Free JPEG downloads.
      • PSDs with advanced features.
      • Icon integration across various platforms.



      • Can be overwhelming for new users.
      • Some communities might not be welcoming or can be toxic.
      • The vastness can make it hard to navigate for specific information.


      Overall Rating

      4/5 – Reddit is an invaluable platform for those seeking community discussions and a wide range of content. However, its complexity might deter some newcomers.

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