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Prialto: Revolutionizing Virtual Executive Assistance


Prialto offers remote administrative assistant services tailored for executives, entrepreneurs, and businesses. Managed from Portland, Oregon, the company boasts a global staff that provides top-notch services, ensuring businesses run smoothly.


Ease of Use

With Prialto, clients can expect a seamless integration into their daily operations. The onboarding process is professional, and the team’s proactive approach ensures that clients can focus on their core tasks without micromanaging the assistants.



  • Dedicated Prialto Assistants (PAs) for business support.
  • Services include calendar management, CRM data management, document production, website maintenance, and back-office operations.
  • Team-based approach with US-based engagement managers.
  • Assistants available during local business hours.
  • Specialized support for industries like venture capital firms, startups, real estate, and Fortune 500 businesses.



  • Starting at $1350/month for 55 hours of dedicated support.
  • Team packages available at 165 hours for $4050.
  • Custom pricing plans for larger organizations.
  • Competitive rates when compared to similar services in major cities.


Customer Support

Prialto stands out with its team-based approach, ensuring that clients always have someone to turn to. The company’s engagement managers act as partners to clients, optimizing the service and ensuring client satisfaction.



Prialto is a preferred choice for high-performing professionals, startups, and enterprise accounts. Their unique approach to virtual assistance has garnered them a loyal client base and high retention rates.



  • Team-based approach ensures continuous support.
  • Proactive in improving client productivity.
  • Secure IT infrastructure with a focus on client data protection.
  • Scalability to grow with client needs.
  • High retention rate of employees and clients.



  • Some clients might prefer a one-on-one assistant model.
  • The pricing might be on the higher side for smaller businesses or individuals.


Overall Rating

4.9/5 – Prialto offers a comprehensive, team-based approach to virtual assistance, ensuring that clients receive top-tier, consistent support tailored to their needs.


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