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PrestaShop: A Customizable Ecommerce Powerhouse



PrestaShop is an open-source ecommerce platform that offers a high degree of customization for online businesses. It’s designed for those who are comfortable with coding and are looking for a unique online store experience.


Ease of Use

While PrestaShop offers a plethora of features, it requires more effort to set up compared to platforms like Shopify and Squarespace. Some coding knowledge is essential to maximize its potential, making it less suitable for beginners.


  • Full Customization: Access to theme codes allows for a unique layout and user experience.
  • Unlimited Product Listings: No restrictions on the number of products you can list.
  • Payment Options and Security: Supports major payment gateways and offers its own direct payment option without external redirections. Comes with a free SSL certificate.
  • Built-in Marketing Tools: Includes features like discounts, email marketing, limited-time offers, and free shipping.



While the platform is free to download, there are costs associated with integrations, templates, and other features. Some templates can cost up to $200. Additionally, there are hosting costs if you don’t opt for PrestaShop’s own hosting solutions.

Customer Support

Support is available, but there’s a cost associated with it. Plans range from $279.99 for three hours of support per month to $1399 for 20 hours annually.



PrestaShop is a known name in the e-commerce world, but it didn’t make the top picks, likely due to its steep learning curve and associated costs.


  • High degree of customization.
  • No limitations on product listings.
  • Built-in marketing tools.
  • Secure payment options.



  • Requires coding knowledge.
  • Lengthy setup process.
  • Potential hidden costs with integrations and support.
  • Limited free templates.


Overall Rating

3.5/5 – PrestaShop is a robust platform for those who prioritize customization and have some coding knowledge. However, the associated costs and learning curve might deter small business owners.

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