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Piktochart: Where Infographics Meet Business Solutions



Piktochart stands out as a unique infographic tool, with its dual focus on individual creators and business solutions. Well-renowned and trend-conscious, it has held a strong position among infographic tools for a significant duration.


Ease of Use

Piktochart’s adjustable content blocks, pre-designed text blocks, and a mini menu for personalizing designs suggest a user-friendly interface.


Piktochart offers a rich array of visual assets, including a considerable selection of icons and illustrations. It also provides around 15 different charts, maps, and pre-designed text blocks for data visualization. Moreover, Piktochart distinguishes itself with adjustable content blocks and a library of design components for lists, timelines, and comparisons.



Piktochart offers a free plan, allowing users to explore its capabilities before committing to a subscription. Its Pro plan, with expanded features, is available at $14 per month per user when billed annually. For larger organizations, Enterprise plans are offered upon request.


Customer Support

Piktochart offers a range of support options for its users. There’s an extensive online Help Center with tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions, which is accessible directly from their website.


Piktochart enjoys popularity among marketers, entrepreneurs, team leaders, and other content creators. Its distinct space-rich infographic design is more commonly found on websites than social platforms like Pinterest.



Piktochart stands out with its diverse range of visual assets, robust data visualization options, customizable content blocks, and a design component library. Its distinctive, spacious infographic design can be particularly appealing for users prioritizing content legibility.



While Piktochart has a lot to offer, it has a few limitations as well. For instance, not all graphic elements are color customizable which may limit the creative freedom of users. Furthermore, while it does offer collaboration features, it only supports real-time collaboration for single-page designs.

Overall Rating

4.5/5 Piktochart garners a high score due to its unique blend of individual and business-oriented features, variety in visual assets and data visualization options, and its distinctive design aesthetic. However, the potential for undisclosed limitations slightly impacts its overall rating.

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Ready to transform your data into compelling infographics? Dive into the world of Piktochart and elevate your content creation. Visit their website now and start your design journey!

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