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Pepperi: The Ultimate B2B Commerce Platform



Pepperi is a comprehensive B2B commerce platform designed for consumer goods brands and wholesalers. It offers a blend of B2B e-Commerce, Sales Force Automation, retail execution, and route accounting, ensuring a seamless omnichannel sales experience.


Ease of Use

The platform is user-friendly, with intuitive interfaces that cater to both beginners and advanced users. Its offline functionality ensures uninterrupted work, even in areas with no internet connectivity.



Pepperi boasts a range of features including web and mobile B2B e-Commerce platforms, on/offline order-taking with e-catalogs, retail execution apps for in-store auditing, and a route accounting app for iOS and Android. It also offers central management for omnichannel operations and integrates seamlessly with popular ERPs.



Pepperi offers custom pricing, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can find a package that suits their needs.


Customer Support

The platform is known for its responsive customer support team, which is always ready to assist users with their queries and issues.



With over 1000 customers across more than 60 countries, Pepperi has established itself as a trusted solution in the B2B commerce space.



  • Comprehensive feature set catering to all B2B sales needs
  • Seamless integration with popular ERPs
  • Offline functionality for uninterrupted work
  • User-friendly interface



  • Occasional server slowdowns
  • Some users find the backend to be a bit complex


Overall Rating

4.5/5 – Pepperi offers a robust set of features that cater to the diverse needs of B2B sales, making it a top choice for businesses looking to streamline their sales processes.


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