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Payroll4Free: The Budget-Friendly Payroll Solution for Small Businesses



Payroll4Free is a digital payroll solution tailored for small businesses with fewer than 25 employees. It offers a free payroll service, with additional features available for a nominal fee, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses on a tight budget.

Ease of Use:

The software has a user-friendly interface, though some users might find the initial setup process a bit lengthy and cumbersome. Once set up, navigating through the software becomes straightforward.


  • Employee Portal: Allows employees to access pay stubs, year-end forms, and update personal information.
  • Direct Deposit: Offers the convenience of direct deposit for employees.
  • Tax Calculations and Forms: Provides completed tax forms and an optional service to handle tax filing and remittances.
  • Contractor Payments: Ability to pay both employees and contractors, with year-end form processing.
  • Reporting: Offers detailed reports on earnings, taxes, benefits, and more.
  • Integration Tools: Allows data export to popular accounting software and time clock data import.


The software is free for businesses with up to 25 employees. If businesses opt for the tax-filing service, there’s a charge of $15 per month. For businesses with more than 25 employees, a monthly fee is applicable.

Customer Support:

Payroll4Free offers commendable free telephone and email support. Additional help resources are also accessible within the application.


Given its cost-effective approach, Payroll4Free is gaining traction among small business owners, especially those on a limited budget.


  • Free for businesses with up to 25 employees.
  • Offers direct deposit and an employee portal.
  • Provides optional tax calculations and filing services.
  • Ability to pay both employees and contractors.


  • Initial setup process can be time-consuming.
  • No mobile app available.
  • Dated user interface.
  • Contains ads, which support its free model.

In Practice:

Payroll4Free is an excellent choice for small businesses or startups on a budget. Its range of features, from direct deposit to an employee portal, makes it comparable to some paid services. However, businesses should be prepared for a detailed setup process and be aware of the ads within the software.

Overall Rating:

4/5 – Payroll4Free offers a robust set of features for a free software, making it a valuable tool for small businesses, though it could benefit from a modernized interface and a smoother setup process.

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