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Navigating the Waters of RushTranslate: Review of



RushTranslate is a Washington-based translation service provider that promises quick turnarounds and human-only translations. Catering to a variety of sectors, they offer online order placements and personal account tracking for their clients.


Ease of Use

The platform is straightforward, allowing clients to easily upload documents, place orders, and monitor progress through a personal account. Communication is primarily through email, using the website’s contact form.


    RushTranslate offers translations for numerous sectors including academic, financial, immigration, and medical. They provide certified translations for official documents required by government bodies like USCIS. However, they don’t seem to offer localization services. They support translations in over 60 languages.



    Pricing is transparent and prominently displayed on their homepage. Certified translations, such as birth certificates and personal records, are priced at $24.95 per page. General translations are priced at $0.10 per word. Additional services like notarization, hard copies, and expedited delivery are available for an extra fee.

    Customer Support

    While they do not offer phone or live chat support, they are responsive via email. The revision process is smooth, with evident improvements in the revised documents.


    The company has garnered a mix of reviews online, with some customers praising their certified translations and others pointing out flaws in other types of translations.



    • Certified translators are available for official documents.
    • Transparent and affordable pricing.
    • User-friendly website design.
    • Willingness to revise documents upon request.



    • Inconsistent quality across different types of translations.
    • Delays in delivery, which can be crucial for time-sensitive documents.
    • Limited communication channels, with no phone or live chat support.


    Overall Rating

    3/5. While RushTranslate excels in certified translations, they fall short in other areas, particularly in timely delivery and consistent quality across all types of translations.

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