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Momentum: Your Personalized Dashboard for Productivity and Inspiration



Momentum is a unique personal dashboard tailored to enhance focus, productivity, and inspiration. Designed primarily as a Chrome extension, it aims to provide users with a daily dose of motivation while keeping distractions at bay.


Ease of Use

With its user-friendly interface, Momentum offers a seamless experience. The main functionalities are easily accessible, and the dashboard’s minimalist design ensures that users are not overwhelmed with too many features.



  • Personalized Dashboard: Displays time, a welcoming message, and a daily focus reminder.
  • Weather Information: Provides current temperature and weather conditions.
  • To-Do List: A simple, built-in task list accessible from the dashboard.
  • Daily Inspirational Quote: Offers users a new motivational quote every day.
  • Bookmarks Display: Presents bookmarks and frequently visited sites in an aesthetically pleasing manner.



While Momentum offers a range of features for free, some advanced functionalities, like manually changing the background, come at a cost.


Customer Support

Momentum offers its own help center.



Ranked as the #1 new tab extension for Chrome, Momentum has garnered significant attention and appreciation from its user base.



  • Aesthetically Pleasing Design: Features a new, beautiful background image daily.
  • Weather Updates: Keeps users informed about the current temperature and conditions.
  • Integrated To-Do List: Helps users stay organized with tasks.
  • Daily Focus Reminder: Encourages users to stay on track with their daily goals.
  • Inspirational Daily Quotes: Provides motivation and positivity.
  • Enhanced Bookmarks Display: Showcases bookmarks and frequently visited sites elegantly.



  • Limited Free Features: Some basic functionalities are not available for free.
  • No Bookmarks Addition: Users cannot add new bookmarks directly.
  • Lack of Customization: The dashboard cannot be personalized beyond the given features.
  • No 4K Support: Images may appear of lower quality on 4K displays.


Overall Rating

4.5 out of 5 stars. Momentum stands out as a stellar Chrome extension, enhancing the user’s daily browsing experience with its blend of productivity and inspiration features. However, the lack of certain customization options and the cost for some features slightly dampens its appeal.


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