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Mega Creator by Icons8: Revolutionizing Digital Imagery



Mega Creator is a dynamic tool by Icons8 that allows users to craft unique and meaningful photos by selecting from a vast array of backgrounds, models, and objects. Unlike traditional stock photography, Mega Creator provides customization, ensuring brand consistency and depth in every image.


Ease of Use

The platform is designed for simplicity, enabling users to create realistic photos in minutes. With intuitive features, users can easily reshoot scenes, change messages, and match backgrounds.



    Mega Creator boasts a plethora of features, including:

    • Thousands of customizable backgrounds, models, and objects.
    • Free JPEG downloads via a link.
    • PSDs with layered and masked models and objects for $20/month.
    • Icon integration, widely used across digital platforms.



    Starting at just $13, users can access the platform’s features. While JPEGs are available for free, PSDs with enhanced features come at a monthly cost of $20. A free version and trial are also available for those looking to explore the tool before committing.


      Customer Support

      The company, Icons8, is based in the United Kingdom and has been operational since 2001. Offers Standard Customer Support.



      The fact that Icons8’s icons are used by thousands of websites and applications shows a significant presence in the digital landscape.



      • Extensive customization options.
      • Free JPEG downloads.
      • PSDs with advanced features.
      • Icon integration across various platforms.



      • Lack of integrations beyond the API.
      • PSDs come at an additional cost.


      Overall Rating

      4.5/5 – Mega Creator stands out for its unique approach to digital imagery, offering extensive customization that traditional stock photos lack. However, the additional cost for PSDs and limited integrations slightly dampen its appeal.


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      Intrigued by the world of customizable imagery? Dive into Mega Creator by Icons8 here and unleash your creativity!

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