ManageEngine ADManager Plus: A Hybrid Solution with Stellar Support



ManageEngine ADManager Plus is a comprehensive tool designed to cater to both on-premises and cloud account management. With its ability to integrate with various services, it streamlines onboarding processes and offers automation and customization features.

Ease of Use

The software’s design facilitates seamless integration and deployment, making it user-friendly. However, those operating in hybrid AD-synced environments might face some challenges, especially if they lack an on-premises Exchange server.


ADManager Plus stands out with its automation capabilities and in-depth reporting. It also frequently updates, adding new features and enhancements to improve its functionality. The software can work simultaneously with on-premises and cloud accounts, and its integration potential with other services is commendable.


Offers competitive pricing tailored to different business needs.

Customer Support

The support provided by ManageEngine ADManager Plus is exceptional. Users have praised the team for their prompt and detailed responses, as well as their willingness to spend hours on remote sessions to resolve issues, such as repairing a corrupt database.


It’s a preferred choice among its user base.


  • Advanced automation capabilities.
  • Detailed reporting features.
  • Regular updates and feature enhancements.
  • Exceptional customer support.


  • The software presents challenges for hybrid AD-synced environments, especially if there’s no on-premises Exchange server. Even though AD attributes editor contains mailbox values, without an Exchange server, users can’t access or edit them, which can be limiting.

Overall Rating

4 out of 5 stars. ManageEngine ADManager Plus offers a plethora of features and exceptional support. However, its limitations in hybrid environments slightly affect its perfect score.

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