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Malt: The Ultimate Freelance Marketplace for the Modern Age


Malt is a leading digital marketplace designed to connect businesses with a vast network of freelancers. With its acquisition of Comatch in 2022, Malt has expanded its reach, offering a diverse range of talents from tech and creative fields to management consultancy.


Ease of Use

Malt’s platform is user-friendly, allowing businesses to effortlessly find the right freelancer for their projects. The platform’s centralized system aids in managing administrative, legal, and payment processes, ensuring a smooth experience for both parties.



  • A vast network of over 450,000 freelancers
  • End-to-end business service capabilities
  • Secure and centralized platform for administrative, legal, and payment processes
  • Proprietary AI tool for personalized talent matching
  • Dedicated account managers for FTSE 100 clients



Malt offers a transparent pricing model tailored to the qualifications and expertise of the freelancers.


Customer Support

Malt ensures a smooth experience by assisting both freelancers and businesses throughout their journey. Their dedicated account managers provide personalized support, especially for large enterprise clients.



Malt has garnered the trust of over 50,000 clients and 450,000 freelancers, making it a prominent player in the European freelance marketplace.



  • Extensive network of top-tier freelancers
  • Efficient and transparent matching process
  • Comprehensive support for administrative and legal processes
  • Personalized approach for large clients



  • The UK market’s maturity and competitiveness might pose challenges in brand awareness and client education.
  • Potential challenges in navigating the UK’s legal environment


Overall Rating

4.7/5 – Malt stands out as a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking freelance talent. Its vast network, combined with a personalized approach, makes it a top choice for businesses of all sizes.


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