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Loop11: The Future of Remote Usability Testing


Loop11 is a cutting-edge online usability testing tool that allows users to design and conduct remote surveys and tasks on any website. It offers a seamless blend of questions and tasks, enabling users to set specific goals and monitor user interactions on a chosen website.


Ease of Use

Setting up a test on Loop11 is a step-by-step process, with a clear demo available on their website to guide users. However, the design of tasks requires careful consideration, especially since the tool leans more towards quantitative data.



  • Task & Question Design: Users can create tasks and questions, with the ability to set specific goals for each task.
  • Device Compatibility: Loop11 can be used on any device with internet browsing capabilities.
  • Reports: After tests are conducted, users can access detailed reports in various formats, including Excel XML, PDF, and CSV.



While Loop11 is not free, it offers a more cost-effective solution compared to traditional moderated usability testing. The pricing structure also allows for flexibility in participant incentives.


Customer Support

Tool’s comprehensive features and detailed setup process show a well-structured support system.



Given its unique approach to usability testing and the advantages it offers over traditional methods, Loop11 is gaining traction in the market.



  • Closest tool to an actual usability test with a structured test script design.
  • Un-moderated tests allow for flexibility in participant location and timing.
  • Cost-effective compared to face-to-face usability tests.
  • Comprehensive reporting with exportable formats.



  • Once a test is published, it cannot be edited.
  • Success or failure rate determination can be challenging.
  • Potential for slow loading times on certain websites.
  • Risk of participants not completing the test diligently due to the un-moderated nature.


Overall Rating

4/5 – Loop11 offers a revolutionary approach to usability testing, bridging the gap between traditional and remote methods. However, its strict success/fail metrics and potential for participant inconsistency slightly limit its full potential.


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Eager to redefine your usability testing approach? Dive into Loop11 and experience the next generation of user testing!

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