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Iperius Backup: The Versatile Powerhouse for Data Protection



Iperius Backup is a robust backup solution that offers a wide range of features, from plain file copies to advanced imaging capabilities. It caters to both individual users and professionals, providing options for local backups, virtual machine backups, and even enterprise-level data protection.

Ease of Use:

While Iperius Backup boasts a professional-looking interface, some users might find its methodology for defining the relationship between sources and destinations a bit scattered. However, once familiar with the concept, the tool becomes straightforward to use.


  • Plain file copies and one-way sync capabilities
  • Backup to Zip containers
  • Drive and partition imaging too.VHD containers
  • Integrated FTP client for remote file access
  • Backup to various cloud services, including Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Console service for IT professionals to monitor backup activities
  • Support for SQL, virtual machines, Exchange, and more in certain versions


The single PC license for Iperius Backup is priced at approximately $69. There’s also a free version available with limited features, suitable for basic file backups. The company offers a 21-day trial for users to explore the advanced features.

Customer Support:

The company offers adequate support for its users.


Iperius Backup has garnered attention for its versatility and comprehensive feature set. Its ability to cater to both individual and professional needs makes it a notable choice in the backup software market.


  • Comprehensive feature set, including VM backup and imaging
  • Supports multiple backup destinations
  • Uses common.VHD container format for imaging, allowing easy mounting without the program
  • Efficient performance without slowing down the system


  • Some users might find the process of defining relationships between sources and destinations convoluted
  • The program’s translation to English is not perfect, with some buttons still in Italian
  • The backup progress dialog can be hidden behind the main window, which might confuse some users

In Practice:

For online businesses, Iperius Backup can serve as a reliable solution for data protection. Whether it’s safeguarding critical files, backing up virtual machines, or ensuring that databases are secure, Iperius offers a range of features to meet diverse backup needs. Its ability to backup to cloud services also means businesses can have off-site backups for added security.

Overall Rating:

4/5 – Iperius Backup offers a comprehensive set of features that cater to a wide range of backup needs. While its interface could be more intuitive, its versatility and performance make it a top contender in the backup software market.

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Dive deeper into Iperius Backup’s world and discover its full potential by visiting its official website!

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