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IFTTT: A Promising Concept with Execution Hiccups



IFTTT, standing for “If This Then That,” is a web service and app designed to automate tasks between various apps and devices through applets, which are combinations of triggers and actions.


Ease of Use

While the concept of IFTTT is innovative and aims to simplify repetitive tasks, users might find themselves spending more time troubleshooting than actually benefiting from the automation


    • Connects apps and devices that don’t natively communicate.
    • Allows creation of applets with triggers and actions.
    • Offers pre-built automations for common tasks.
    • Can automate tasks like tweeting Instagram posts, starting Google Maps during calls, or controlling smart home devices.



    Initially free without limits, IFTTT introduced paid subscription plans on Sep 9, 2020. The free version now has significant limitations, including restricting users to creating only two custom applets. Subscription prices range from $3.99 monthly to $120.99 yearly, depending on the chosen plan.

    Customer Support

    Direct support is behind a paywall for free users, who are instead directed to discussion forums. Even with the paid Pro Plus version, support can be slow and unhelpful.


    IFTTT has a mixed reputation. Some users swear by its utility, while others find it unreliable. Negative reviews on the iOS App Store highlight its inconsistency.



    • Innovative idea of bridging the gap between different apps and devices.
    • Potential to save time on repetitive tasks.



    • The free version is highly restrictive.
    • Even the paid version can be unreliable and buggy.
    • Difficulties in setting up automations for social media accounts.
    • Requires frequent troubleshooting, defeating the purpose of automation.


    Overall Rating

    3/5 – While IFTTT presents a novel concept, its execution leaves much to be desired. Both free and paid versions have significant drawbacks, making it hard to rely on for consistent automation.

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