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Harness the Power of AI and WordPress with 10Web



10Web is an AI-driven WordPress website builder that combines the flexibility of WordPress with the power of Artificial Intelligence. As a result, it offers a swift and user-friendly solution for small businesses seeking to establish a robust online presence.


Ease of Use

Building a website with 10Web is a breeze. By simply answering a few questions about your business, 10Web’s AI capabilities generate a complete, fully functional WordPress website. Furthermore, its drag-and-drop editor, similar to Elementor, lets you customize your pages effortlessly.



Beyond website creation, 10Web offers a host of AI tools such as an AI writing assistant that includes an FAQ generator, content enhancer, paragraph generator, blog post outline tool, and even an AI business name generator. Another impressive feature is the ‘AI Recreate’ function that lets you model your website after any existing webpage you admire. The platform also incorporates a unique ‘PageSpeed Booster’ plugin, ensuring your WordPress site operates with optimal speed. Hosting services are also part of the package, eliminating the need for a third-party web host provider.



While 10Web doesn’t offer a free plan, it does provide a 7-day free trial. Paid plans begin at $10 per month for a single website (Personal plan). For users needing up to three websites, there’s the Premium plan at $24 per month, and for web design agencies requiring multiple websites, the Agency plan is available at $60 per month.


Customer Support

10Web offers excellent chat support within the dashboard and also provides access to the dedicated engineers’ Slack channel for direct communication.



With its combination of AI and WordPress, 10Web has gained considerable popularity, particularly among small businesses. It has positioned itself as a cost-effective and efficient AI website builder in the current digital business environment.



  1. Combines AI and WordPress for efficient website building.
  2. Offers excellent chat support and direct communication with engineers.
  3. Provides a host of AI tools for content creation and optimization.
  4. Affordable pricing plans, especially for small businesses.



  1. The AI ‘Recreate’ function may occasionally malfunction.
  2. Manual updates for websites and plugins can be time-consuming.
  3. AI-generated images may not always align with the desired website type.


Overall Rating

10Web’s balance of AI and WordPress features, affordability, and overall versatility earn it a solid 4 out of 5 stars.


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Experience the combined power of AI and WordPress by visiting 10Web.

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