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Gengo: Your Global Language Solution



Gengo is a dynamic translation platform that offers direct order or API integration. It connects individuals and businesses to a vast network of pre-tested translators, covering 37 language pairs, making global communication more accessible and efficient.


Ease of Use

With its user-friendly interface, Gengo ensures that clients can easily place orders, request edits, and track the progress of their translations. The platform’s design is intuitive, catering to both individuals and businesses.


    Gengo stands out with its ability to offer translations across 37 language pairs. The platform allows users to specify the type of material they want to translate, ensuring that subject experts handle their projects. This ensures high-quality translations tailored to the user’s needs.



    Gengo offers high-quality translations at a relatively affordable rate. The platform’s flexibility in handling both short and extensive projects makes it a cost-effective solution for various translation needs.

    Customer Support

    Gengo’s support team is highlighted for their responsiveness, especially when it comes to making corrections or adjustments. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their quick turnaround times and willingness to accommodate client requests.


    Gengo has established itself as a trusted platform in the translation industry. Their clientele spans various sectors, from advertising agencies to internet-based businesses.



    • Quick turnaround times for translations.
    • Ability to request edits to ensure client satisfaction.
    • Cost-effective solution for high-quality translations.
    • Wide coverage of language pairs.



    • While Gengo offers affordable rates, the quality might not match that of traditional professional translation agencies.
    • Some users might prefer more transparent pricing details.


    Overall Rating

    4.4/5. Gengo offers a unique blend of speed, affordability, and quality. While it might not replace professional translation agencies for certain projects, it’s an excellent solution for quick and cost-effective translations.

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