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Feedly: The Ultimate Google Reader Alternative



Feedly is a free, user-friendly RSS reader designed to deliver news feeds directly to your browser. With its integration capabilities for Android and iOS mobile apps, it stands as a worthy substitute for the soon-to-be-discontinued Google Reader.


Ease of Use

With its minimalist design and intuitive layout, Feedly offers a seamless user experience. Its straightforward navigation ensures that even those new to RSS readers can easily find their way around.



    • Content Delivery: Offers featured stories with thumbnail images and quick action links.
    • Customization: Multiple themes and category views to tailor your reading experience.
    • Content Discovery: Easily add new sources and discover content based on categories or by entering a URL.
    • Social Media Integration: Displays shared links from your social media feeds and allows for quick sharing of stories.
    • Mobile Apps: Available for both Android and iOS platforms.



    Feedly is available for free.


      Customer Support

      Feedly offers reliable support to its users.



      With the impending discontinuation of Google Reader, Feedly has emerged as a popular alternative, gaining traction among avid web readers.



      • Clean and easy-to-navigate interface.
      • Integration with social media for a comprehensive reading experience.
      • Offers both story excerpts and full articles based on the source’s RSS setup.
      • Mobile app availability for on-the-go reading.



      • Requires a Google account for login, which might deter some potential users.
      • Lacks some advanced features like Google’s Reader Play.


      Overall Rating

      4.0/5 – Feedly stands out as a robust and efficient RSS reader, especially for those seeking a replacement for Google Reader. Its integration with social media and user-friendly interface makes it a top choice.

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