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Fancy Hands Virtual Assistant Services


Fancy Hands is a platform that offers virtual assistant services, allowing individuals to earn by completing various tasks for clients. While it provides an opportunity to earn, its efficiency and compensation rates have been points of contention among users.


Ease of Use

The platform is straightforward. Once registered, users can log into the member dashboard to find and apply for jobs. The site is also mobile-optimized, allowing for job hunting on the go, even without a dedicated app.



  • Job Dashboard: Displays available virtual assistant jobs ranging from phone calls, data entry, research, and more.
  • Direct Bank Transfer: Payments are processed every other Tuesday directly to the user’s bank account via Dwolla.
  • Profile Setup: Users can set up their profiles, showcasing their skills and expertise.



The compensation for tasks varies, with most jobs paying around $3 to $4. It’s worth noting that the pay might not always reflect the effort and time required, especially if revisions are needed.


Customer Support

While the site primarily caters to potential clients, it offers a contact form for virtual assistants to reach out with queries. The support seems decent, but the platform could benefit from more comprehensive information for its virtual assistants.



The platform seems to have a decent user base, given the variety of jobs posted. However, feedback from users suggests mixed feelings about the compensation rates.



  • Direct bank transfers without a minimum payout threshold.
  • Mobile-optimized platform.
  • Variety of virtual assistant tasks available.



  • Limited to US residents.
  • Pay rates might not always be commensurate with the effort required.
  • The platform lacks detailed information for prospective virtual assistants.


Overall Rating

3/5 – Fancy Hands offers a genuine opportunity for individuals to earn as virtual assistants. However, the compensation might not always reflect the effort, and the platform is limited to US residents. It’s a decent side hustle but might not be the best for those looking to earn a substantial income.


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