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Enhance Your Video Editing with Pinnacle Studio Ultimate



Pinnacle Studio Ultimate is an almost professional-grade video editing application designed for serious amateurs. With its comprehensive set of editing features, this software targets enthusiasts who crave robust functionalities but want to avoid a steep learning curve.


Ease of Use

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate boasts a clear interface that belies its powerful capabilities. It is designed to provide near-professional editing features while remaining easily approachable for less experienced users.



Pinnacle Studio Ultimate includes a broad array of features like stop-motion video, multicam editing, motion tracking, and a powerful title editor. Furthermore, it comes with detailed masking tools and significant performance upgrades. Its latest version offers improved mask motion tracking, titling, and audio tools.



Pinnacle Studio Ultimate is available at two levels: the entry-level Pinnacle Studio for $59.99, and Ultimate (reviewed here) for $129.99. An Ultimate Bundle option with loads of extra content and effects is also available. These are one-time payment prices with no recurring subscription fee.


Customer Support

Pinnacle is a well-established company, known for offering extensive customer support, including tutorials, user guides, and responsive support teams.


Pinnacle Studio Ultimate is popular among video editing enthusiasts looking for a more professional toolset without needing to navigate the complexities often associated with professional software.



The software features a clear interface, an impressive variety of effects, multicam editing, a powerful title editor, and detailed masking tools. It is a near-pro-level tool without the need for extensive training to operate.



Pinnacle Studio Ultimate could improve in areas such as motion tracking and the implementation of 360-degree VR, which currently lacks consistency.


Overall Rating

4/5 With its blend of user-friendly design and almost professional-grade features, Pinnacle Studio Ultimate earns a strong rating. While there is room for improvement in its motion tracking and VR support, the software provides an excellent platform for advanced video editing.

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Ready to elevate your video editing prowess? Visit Pinnacle Studio Ultimate’s official website today and explore the suite of powerful tools and features that await!

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