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Elevate Your Email Game with Constant Contact: Is it Worth Your Investment?



Constant Contact has been a veteran in the realm of email marketing since 1995, standing strong alongside prominent players like Mailchimp. Offering a broad spectrum of email marketing tools and features, this platform targets small businesses aiming to automate their digital outreach.


Ease of Use

Navigating through Constant Contact is a breeze, although its design might seem slightly mundane. Most functionalities are within a few clicks, but as they expanded their features, a few like automation became less upfront.



Distinguishing itself from the herd, Constant Contact offers unique features like digital product downloads, event management, and social campaigns – a boon for niches like real estate. With a marketplace boasting almost 400 apps and integrations, it’s a platform that goes beyond just sending emails. However, the advanced features could be more robust to match the needs of modern email marketing.



The tool seems to be geared more towards small businesses. Starting from $12/month for 500 subscribers, the pricing increases as your subscriber count grows. While it does offer unlimited emails across all plans and discounts for 12-month commitments, its feature-to-price ratio isn’t the most competitive in the market.


Customer Support

There’s a mixed bag of experiences here. While live chat, phone support, knowledge base, and community support are available, they aren’t always instantly accessible. However, once you connect, their team is responsive and helpful. On the flip side, canceling your subscription requires a phone call – a slightly inconvenient process.



Despite its tenure in the industry, Google Trends suggests a decline in interest in Constant Contact. Yet, it remains a recognized name in email marketing.



  • Unique niche features like event payment handling and social media post scheduling.
  • High deliverability rates ensure your emails reach their intended recipients.
  • A diverse marketplace with ample apps and integrations.



  • The pricing model is on the steeper side considering the feature set.
  • Some functionalities like the form builder and advanced email marketing automation could be more refined.
  • The platform, as well as support, predominantly leans towards English speakers, which can be limiting for global users.


Overall Rating

3.7/5. While Constant Contact checks many boxes for standard email marketing needs, its premium pricing for what feels like a slightly sub-premium offering pulls down its score. The platform, though seasoned, might need to reinvent certain aspects to stay ahead in the race.


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