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Dive into the World of Coding with Free Code Camp



Free Code Camp is a comprehensive online platform offering extensive coding lessons and a pathway to apply coding skills in real-world scenarios.


Ease of Use

With digestible lessons ranging from 10 minutes to 3 hours, users can easily navigate through the platform. The clean text editor and real-time coding results make the learning process smooth and engaging.


    • Over 3,000 hours of coding practice.
    • Courses on HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and more.
    • Integration with GitHub.
    • Video hints for challenging lessons.
    • Access to a vast alumni network.
    • A 24/7 radio station for coding ambiance.



    Completely free. While other platforms like Codecademy offer premium options, Free Code Camp remains entirely free, providing value comparable to paid services.

    Customer Support

    Users can seek help through the platform’s community, which includes a GitHub repository for bug reporting and a Discord-powered chat server. Traditional forums are also available for more straightforward queries.


    With a community of nearly 300,000 users and a robust alumni network, Free Code Camp has made its mark in the coding education sector.



    • No cost involved.
    • Extensive coding lessons.
    • Real-world application through its alumni network.
    • Integration with popular platforms like GitHub.
    • Video hints for better understanding.



    • Some community features can be overwhelming for beginners.
    • The shift from a nonprofit focus might not resonate with all users.
    • Real-world meetups have decreased in prominence.


    Overall Rating

    4.0/5 – An excellent platform for those looking to dive deep into coding without any financial commitments. Its vast library and real-world application opportunities make it stand out.

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