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Overview is a non-profit initiative dedicated to offering every student the chance to explore the world of computer programming. With a blend of free tutorials, both offline and online courses, mobile apps, and engaging coding games, it’s a gateway to the coding universe.


Ease of Use

With its well-structured and intuitive courses, ensures a seamless learning experience, especially for middle and high school students. The platform’s interactive nature makes it a top choice for budding programmers.


    • Comprehensive courses in JavaScript, Python, Objective C, and Java.
    • Engaging coding challenges, puzzles, and games.
    • Real-time code execution to see immediate results.
    • “Hour of Code” – a mini introduction to computer sciences using popular mobile games to teach coding basics.


    Pricing stands out by offering all its courses and tools completely free of charge, making quality coding education accessible to all.

    Customer Support

    Users can reach out to through an online contact form or traditional post. Additionally, a detailed FAQ page on the website addresses common queries, ensuring users have the support they need.


    The platform’s extensive offerings and its mission to reach every student show it’s a popular choice among online coding platforms.



    • User-friendly interface.
    • No fees attached.
    • Engaging learning through games.



    • Limited course library.
    • Focuses on a narrow range of programming languages.


    Overall Rating

    4.5/5 – With its mission to make coding accessible and its array of engaging tools, is a top recommendation for students. However, a slightly limited course range keeps it from a perfect score.

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