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Bybit: A Deep Dive into Advanced Crypto Trading



Bybit is a cryptocurrency exchange platform primarily focused on derivatives trading. Established in 2018, it offers a unique trading experience, emphasizing futures, options, and perpetual contracts.

Ease of Use:

Bybit is designed for experienced traders, offering a plethora of advanced trading options. While it provides a comprehensive interface, beginners might find it challenging to navigate due to its focus on derivative trading.


  • Derivatives Trading: Bybit’s main attraction is its derivatives trading, allowing users to engage in futures, perpetual contracts, and options.
  • High Leverage: Offers high-leverage trades, amplifying both potential profits and risks.
  • Security: Bybit boasts a strong security record, having never been hacked.
  • Trading Bots: Users can set up trading bots for automated trading strategies.
  • Staking: Bybit provides staking options for passive earnings.
  • Bybit MasterCard: A card that allows users to spend directly from their crypto wallet.


Bybit’s fee structure varies based on the product being traded (spot trading, contract trading, or USDC option trading) and whether the user is a maker or taker. Fees are competitive with industry standards, and there are no deposit fees. However, withdrawal fees apply depending on the blockchain used.

Customer Support:

Bybit offers a help center with a range of articles, though some might be more tailored to experts. Live chat is available, but users might initially interact with a bot before reaching a human agent. Support tickets can also be submitted for non-urgent issues.


Bybit has gained traction among advanced traders due to its unique focus on derivatives. 


  • Comprehensive derivatives trading options.
  • Strong security measures.
  • Offers passive earning opportunities through staking.
  • Ability to deposit and hold fiat currency.


  • Not beginner-friendly.
  • Limited to only 4 spot trading coins.
  • Not available in several major countries.
  • Requires KYC verification, limiting its accessibility.

In Practice:

For online business enthusiasts looking to diversify their investment strategies, Bybit offers a platform to delve into the world of crypto derivatives. It’s a platform where seasoned traders can maximize their strategies, especially in futures and options. However, it’s essential to approach with caution and adequate knowledge due to the amplified risks involved.

Overall Rating:

3.5/5 – Bybit offers a unique platform for advanced crypto trading, but its complexity might not suit everyone, especially beginners.

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