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BrandConnect: YouTube’s Evolution from FameBit



BrandConnect, previously known as FameBit, is YouTube’s reinvented platform connecting brands with influential YouTubers. Originating as a self-service platform in 2013, it has transformed into a full-service offering under YouTube’s guidance.


Ease of Use

The platform’s transition from FameBit to BrandConnect suggests a more streamlined approach, with YouTube’s team handling most of the work. However, the original FameBit platform had areas that felt unfinished or not user-friendly.



BrandConnect offers a plethora of features, including Content Amplification, Influencer Lifecycle Management, Campaign Reporting, and more. Its primary strength lies in its management tools, which facilitate smooth communication between brands and influencers. The platform also generates individualized trackable links for campaigns, aiding in performance measurement.



BrandConnect has transitioned from a software to a service, eliminating monthly fees. Pricing is now determined on a per-campaign basis, tailored according to the brand’s budget.


Customer Support

The platform’s association with YouTube shows a robust support system.



With its roots as FameBit, the platform gained significant traction, boasting collaborations with major brands like Canon, Sony, and Adidas. Its transformation into BrandConnect under Google’s acquisition further solidifies its standing in the influencer marketing domain.



  • Comprehensive management tools for campaign oversight.
  • Individualized trackable links for performance measurement.
  • Association with YouTube, the leading social video platform.
  • Transition to a full-service offering, streamlining the process for brands.



  • The original FameBit platform felt incomplete in certain areas.
  • Limited search functionality made influencer discovery challenging.
  • Absence of mechanisms for enforcing FTC compliance.


Overall Rating

3.3 out of 5 stars. While BrandConnect has made significant strides since its FameBit days, there are areas of improvement. However, its association with YouTube and the shift to a full-service model make it a platform worth considering.


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