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Blackbear: Revolutionizing Task Management for Companies


Blackbear is an innovative online platform designed to connect companies with a vast database of ‘Solvers’ to tackle lingering tasks and projects.


Ease of Use

The platform’s intuitive design ensures that businesses can effortlessly post tasks and find the right professionals to complete them, whether they’re short-term assignments or long-term projects.



  • Database of Solvers: A growing list of 9,000 domain experts and professionals ready to tackle diverse tasks.
  • Flexible Deployment: Solvers can work from anywhere, be it their home or a beach in Bali.
  • Task Matching: Uses data analysis to match the right professional with the right task.
  • End-to-End Management: From task posting to financial administration, Blackbear handles it all.



The platform offers a flexible payment model based on output rather than hours worked.


Customer Support

Blackbear values feedback and has shown adaptability by refining its features based on client input.



With over 150 clients, including big names like DHL and Gasunie, Blackbear is gaining traction in the market.



  • Vast database of professionals ready to tackle tasks.
  • Flexibility in work location and payment based on output.
  • Comprehensive management, from task posting to payment.



  • Earlier versions of the platform had too many features, leading to some confusion, though this has been streamlined.
  • Some clients initially felt they had limited say in choosing Solvers, though this has been addressed.


Overall Rating

4.7/5 – Blackbear offers a unique solution to a common problem faced by many companies. By efficiently matching tasks with the right professionals, it ensures that work doesn’t pile up and projects are completed efficiently.


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