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Articulate 360: The Ultimate eLearning Authoring Suite



Articulate 360 is a comprehensive, subscription-based suite of eLearning tools, designed to cater to all your course creation needs. With applications like Storyline 360 and Rise, it aims to streamline the eLearning experience for both creators and learners.


Ease of Use

While Storyline 360 offers a more traditional eLearning experience with a slight learning curve, Rise provides an intuitive, user-centric approach, making course creation straightforward and efficient.



  • Storyline 360: A tool for crafting interactive courses, offering a vast library of slide templates, interactions, and assets.
  • Rise: A web-based, responsive authoring tool that structures course content into customizable blocks, offering a media-rich, user-driven experience.
  • Articulate Review: A collaborative tool that consolidates feedback, streamlining the review process.
  • Content Library: Access to millions of photos, templates, icons, and characters.



The inclusive subscription model is priced at $1,299 annually per user, providing access to all the tools, content libraries, and training modules.


Customer Support

Articulate offers world-class support, continually updating features to improve functionality and accessibility. They also provide guides and reports to help users meet accessibility requirements.



With 78,000 organizations worldwide relying on Articulate for course creation, it stands as a testament to its global acceptance and trust.



  • A comprehensive suite of tools in one subscription.
  • Rise offers a fresh, user-centric approach to eLearning.
  • Commitment to accessibility and regular feature updates.
  • Efficient collaboration with Articulate Review.



  • Storyline 360 can be time-consuming for developers due to its manual authoring process.
  • Navigation in Storyline is more restrictive compared to Rise.


Overall Rating

4 out of 5 stars. Articulate 360 offers a blend of traditional and innovative eLearning tools. While Storyline 360 caters to complex learning topics, Rise brings a breath of fresh air with its user-centric design. The suite’s commitment to accessibility and its competitive pricing make it a top choice, though there’s room for improvement in course navigation.


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