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Affinity Designer: A Budget-Friendly Powerhouse for Graphic Design



Affinity Designer is a robust graphic design software ideal for personal projects and budding graphic designers. It offers a comparable suite of design tools to Adobe Illustrator while offering a more intuitive user interface and cost-effectiveness.


Ease of Use

The user-friendly features of Affinity Designer, such as custom keyboard shortcuts, significantly simplify the design process. While there is a learning curve for novices, the intuitive interface helps users quickly become adept at using the platform.



Affinity Designer is packed with features to support a comprehensive design process. Its color management system supports multiple formats including CMYK and RGB. It offers a staggering 1,000,000% zoom for incredibly precise design work, along with a unique X-ray view for inspecting the skeletal structure of designs. Affinity Designer also blends raster and vector workspaces in a single program and provides grids, guides, and other tools for efficient design.



Affinity Designer provides a 30-day free trial, post which customers can acquire the software for a one-time fee of $69.99 for Mac OS and Windows, and $18.49 for iPad. This one-off pricing model without any recurring subscription fees makes it an economical choice for many.


Customer Support

The customer support for Affinity Designer is reported to be excellent, however, some users have mentioned the initial documentation for onboarding and installation to be somewhat confusing.



As a credible alternative to Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer is gaining popularity for its affordability and feature set, especially among those starting out in graphic design or working on personal projects.



  1. Unlimited artboards allow for expansive design work.
  2. Affinity Designer is less resource-demanding on systems.
  3. It is priced economically with a one-time fee.
  4. The setup is easy and straightforward.
  5. Combines raster and vector workspaces for versatile design possibilities.



  1. Onboarding and installation documentation can be confusing.
  2. No cloud services are offered.
  3. There’s a learning curve, particularly for beginners.


Overall Rating

Given the affordability, extensive features, and the ease of use once past the initial learning curve, I would rate Affinity Designer 4 out of 5. It loses a point for its steep learning curve and lack of cloud services.


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For more information on Affinity Designer, to explore its multitude of features, or to purchase the software, please visit the Affinity Designer website.

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